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CRYSTALUM® Microblading & Nail Art Tool Supplies

CRYSTALUM® is a family-run business with a mission to supply industry-leading tools and resources for the world’s most passionate beauty professionals. As ex-salon owners, we had no problem obtaining the tools we needed to do our jobs, but we struggled to find quality. The proliferation of low-cost and unreliable tools set us on a journey to create our own.
Fast forward three years, CRYSTALUM® has two core product offerings for nail technicians and microblading eyebrow specialists. Our products are meticulously tested and verified, and we maintain close relationships with our manufacturers. We incorporate your feedback in the development of new products. Is there anything you’re struggling to find? We’re here to help! We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, competitive pricing and extensive industry knowledge. Kindly note that we offer a strict “Professionals Only” policy in order to ensure that our supplies end up in the right hands.