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Every Aspiring Superstar Nail Artist Who Wants To Work Faster And Smarter NEEDS These Drill Bits In Their Toolbox!


Why CRYSTALUM® Ceramic Nail Drill Bits

Using Crystalum nail drill bits on the natural nail is as safe as any other equipment when approached with the right knowledge. 

📣 Ceramic drill bits are safer to use and a good start up option for new learners. 

📣  If you've chose our ceramic drill bits, they are very safe and won't cut! However, we still encourage you to get into the habit of careful usage. In addition, this is great for beginners to the use of Ceramic Nail File to build up their confidence as well as of more advanced users too!

📣 The most desired result we are all after is the speed! You will be able to have more clients in a day with the right ceramic nail drill bit for nails.

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What Is Microblading

MicroBlading is solely another kind of cosmetic tattooing employing a tool, you will see it mentioned as MicroBlading, Micro-Stroking, Feather Touch, Hair Like Strokes, Eyebrow Embroidery and a spread of other terms. Use of hand tools is that the oldest sort of tattooing dating back thousands of years, after all the tattoos that are discovered on the mummified skin of Otzi the iceman (who was discovered within the Otztal Alps in South Tyrol, Italy in 1991)1 are likely to possess been created by a way remarkably like the modem service of MicroBlading.

Modern methods to perform microblading are remarkably similar utilizing a series of very fine needles in rows with varying shapes like slopes or half circles (often called a U), which Otzi's mummified body is believed to be approximately 5,300 years old so modern microblading isn't exactly a replacement invention it's more a case of employing a more precise tool to perform the identical quite tattooing method that was used thousands of years ago.