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Which microblading blades are best?

We know that you already know the blade you need, but we thought we’d run through how our blades are organised. There are a lot of different kinds of blades for microblading. Knowing your client and their skin type will enable you to make an appropriate selection. Your choice of blade will enable you to guarantee results for your client, leaving them 100% satisfied.


Our blades are organised under the following categories: 0.18mm, 0.20mm, 0.25mm and Shading Blades. Within those categories, you have the option to choose a variety of pin sizes. The pins (or needles, as they’re also known) are set in two shapes: U-Shape and Curve Flexi. Our blades range from 7 pins to 21 pins. The more pins, the thicker they are. The thinner the pins, the sharper they are. Every blade has its own unique advantage.

Our blades are made using surgical-grade stainless steel. Our needles are sharp and of the highest quality. Each microblade is sterilised by gamma rays and carefully packed into its own sterilised blister pack. Our blister packs are durable, ensuring that your product arrives in perfect condition. Crystalum™ Microblades are disposable and for single-use only.