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Stop the New Year slump: 7 ways to ensure your beauty business is booked this January

It’s common for the beauty industry to experience a lull in business in January. But it doesn’t HAVE to be that way. Read on for our 7 top tips for ensuring you’re bringing in revenue and starting 2023 off right!

1. Start now

It’s easy to get caught up in the glittery bubble that is the holiday season, when your beauty business will be thriving and January seems very far away, but it’s important to start marketing your January offering now. In fact, it’s the perfect time of year to get clients to book in appointments, when they’re in a cheerful and festive mood!
Fast forward to January and people will be feeling the financial ramifications of Christmas spending.
They’ll feel tired after a busy Christmas season and possibly guilty about all the indulgences involved with the holidays. They’re less likely to book their appointments come January…so get them to book NOW.

2. Sales and promotions

Hardly ground-breaking but, as is the case for so many industries, January is a great time to run some sort of special offer.
We’re either talking a value-add (such as getting a free conditioner with every hair colouring treatment) or a discount on services (like 20% off all waxing services from the 5 th -31 st January). It’s ‘an oldie but a goodie’, because everyone’s watching their pennies in January and so value for money is key to attracting business.

3. Promote self-care

We probably all feel a bit…well…blah in January at some point. There’s a reason that the third Monday of the New Year gets called ‘Blue Monday’. After all the socialising, celebration and glitz that is the festive season, the following month can seem a bit dull and lacklustre by comparison.
Not to mention the cold and dark weather, if you live in a northern climate…
Into this bleak midwinter comes the survival tactic that is self-care. People may not be quite as bothered about looking glam in January, but they still want to FEEL good, and this is the time to emphasize the self-care side of your business. You can leverage this further by offering winter ailment-specific services - maybe a special moisturising facial for dry winter skin, for example.

4. Think outside the January box

It’s true that for most western cultures, January isn’t a big month in terms of high days and holidays – but that’s not the case for all cultures. Chinese New Year, for instance, takes place aligned with the Lunar Calendar and can fall anytime between 21 st January and 21 st February.
There are cultures celebrating in January, so tap into those celebrations and consider having a service offering to match.

5. Host an event

Most people’s social calendars are a bit quiet in January, so who wouldn’t love to be invited to a free event that month? You could have a product rep visit, offer free treatments, serve refreshments and – of course! – provide gift bags for guests to take home.
Whilst this will cost your business some money, and cost you and your staff some time, it’s a great opportunity to showcase products and services and keep you top of mind for your clients.

6. New Year, New Me

Lots of us look to make big changes in the New Year. We’re setting goals for life, careers, health – and with that desire for a fresh start can come the desire for a new look. Sometimes that New Year attitude comes with the courage people need to try something completely different.
So if you offer any truly transformative treatments or services, now is the time to promote them!

7. Get social

It’s no secret that social media is a big part of most companies’ marketing strategies these days, so it’s good practice to be consistently active on your business social media accounts. Adding to that is the increased likelihood that more people are spending extra time glued to their devices during the
depths of winter, so it’s especially important that you’re on socials promoting all your offers and leveraging your January strategies there.
We hope you’re feeling inspired to tackle your marketing strategy for January. Whatever sector of the beauty industry you’re in, implementing these tips will get you set up for success in 2023!