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Lunar Precision: How Moon Phases Might Influence Your Microblading Procedures


The moon, with its mystical allure, has been believed to influence various aspects of life, from tides to moods. But could it also impact the results of microblading procedures? While the connection is still being explored, some microblading experts have observed patterns. Let's delve into this cosmic-beauty intersection.


1. New Moon: Fresh Starts and Precision
Impact: The new moon signifies new beginnings. Skin regeneration might be at its peak, potentially aiding in the healing process post-microblading.

Best Practice: Consider scheduling new microblading appointments or touch-ups during this phase. The skin's receptivity might be enhanced, leading to better pigment retention.


2. Waxing Crescent: Building Trust and Confidence
Impact: As the moon's energy grows, clients might feel more confident and open to change.

Best Practice: Use this phase to consult with clients who are considering microblading for the first time. Their increased openness could lead to a more trusting client-technician relationship.


3. Full Moon: Sensitivity Alert
Impact: The gravitational pull is strongest, possibly leading to increased skin sensitivity, swelling, or minor discomfort post-procedure.

Best Practice: Inform clients about potential heightened sensitivity. Consider using soothing aftercare products and advise clients to avoid direct sunlight or strenuous activities immediately after the procedure.


4. Waning Crescent: Release and Recovery
Impact: As the moon decreases, it's a time for letting go. The skin might be more focused on healing and recovery.

Best Practice: Schedule follow-up appointments to check on the healing process. Remind clients to avoid picking at scabs or using harsh skincare products.


5. Dark Moon: Rest and Rejuvenation
Impact: This phase marks rest. Just as the moon rejuvenates, the skin might also be in a recovery mode.

Best Practice: Advise clients to prioritize rest and avoid any activities that might strain the freshly microbladed brows. This is also a good time to moisturize and nourish the brow area.


The moon's phases might offer a unique perspective on the best times to schedule microblading procedures, consultations, and follow-ups. By considering these lunar influences, microbladers can potentially enhance their craft and client satisfaction.



Disclaimer: The information in this blog is based on anecdotal evidence and beliefs. Always consult with a dermatologist or skincare professional before making any significant changes to procedure schedules or practices.