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How To Choose The Right Nail Drill Bit

How To Choose The Right Nail Drill Bit


crystalum ceramic nail drill bits

Choosing the right nail drill bit is so important to be able to achieve the best results in the fastest time possible. Knowing your nail drill bits is so important for any professional nail tech, but with so many options on the market it can get a little confusing. So if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with what’s out there – we got you! We have broken it down and outlined what to look for when choosing the best nail drill bit for you, your clients & treatments.


Types Of Nail Drill Bits


Mandrel/Sand bits

These are the oldest type of bits out there and are still used to this day mainly due to the fact they are relatively inexpensive yet still effective, doing a similar job to an emery board. They are used for surface work, removing gel and pedicures.


Carbide bits

crystalum 5 in 1 carbide nail drill bit

Carbide nail bits are made from carbide metal which is 20x stronger than steel. Used by more advanced users these bits are usually gold or silver coated. Not to be used on a natural nail, carbide nail bits are used to cut and shape acrylic nails and refine the nail surface. These also come in extra fine, fine, medium, coarse, and extra coarse.



crystalum 5 in 1 ceramic nail drill bit

Favoured by many, ceramic drill bits don’t heat up like other drill bits and are very long-lasting. Ceramic Drill Bits are a great alternative to traditional nail files for shaping acrylic nails and gel nails, and are great for removing gel or acrylic refills. 



The hardest bits available on the market, diamond nail bits are made from both natural or synthetic diamonds and are very long lasting. They are used to remove product but they do create more dust, friction & heat than other bits.


Shapes of Nail Drill Bits




crystalum ceramic nail drill bit cuticle cleaner

A UNC nail bit for cleaning under the nail. Its small, pointed shape makes it ideal for getting into small spaces for cleaning and sidewalls. This particular shape helps the bit to get in tight spaces.


Cone Bit


crystalum cone nail drill bit tree shape

The long, slim & tapered shape of a cone nail bit lends itself well to prepping the cuticle, sidewalls and cleaning under the nail. It is a good tool for toenail surface work in particular.


Safety Bits

Safety bits are designed to carry out safe cuticle work and come in varying shapes, all rounded at the top. Ideal for in-fill cuticle work, they allow you to safely work on the cuticles & sidewalls without causing any damage to the nail.


Which nail drill bit is right for you?


Deciding what nail bit is right for you depends on what treatments you carry out, your level of expertise and preference. We recommend practicing and trying out different bits to find what ones suit you and the work you carry out. Do you have any questions about which drill bit might be right for you or queries about our nail drill bits? Why not drop us an email We love to talk all things nails and drill bits to would be happy to chat!