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How the right microblading pen can transform your results


We’ve already explained how our mnicroblading blades are categorised, but we figured it was also very important to address the blade holders they need to slot into.

We’ve spent a long time working closely with our manufacturers and customers in order to develop a range of microblading pens that are light enough to hold comfortably, but heavy enough for our customers to apply pigment without too much pressure.

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution, since ergonomics vary from person to person, depending on hand shape and size. This was our basis for creating a range of microblading pens.

Available in stainless steel, aluminium and non-slip grip, our microblading pens all have an hourglass figure. In pursuit of the perfect ergonomic shape, each pen is long and balanced. A good grip is crucial to alleviating discomfort—especially during those long microblading sessions! For this reason, we’ve even added grips to our metal pens in order to give the fingers something to grip to.