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Microblading - a trending procedure among the celebrities

Microblading - a trending procedure among the celebrities

The beauty and cosmetic industry are always developing and introducing new things and techniques. All of that is done in the service of enhancing women’s beauty and maintaining the youthful look as much as possible. One of the currently most popular beauty and cosmetic treatments around the world is microblading. Microblading is a process that treats the brows, makes them fuller, more defined and beautiful with the use of ink. It is a kind of tattooing. This treatment appeared not long ago and has already been very popular not only among ordinary women but among the celebrities too. To see what is all the fuss about it, let us take you to step by step in all that you need to know about the microblading and which of your favorite celebrities have done it.

What is microblading and why is it trending?

Instagram and other social media platforms are full of videos and tutorials showing the process of microblading. With so many videos covering a certain topic, it is evident that it is something that is trending – both in the real world and on social media. The desire to have even, beautiful and full brows has been an issue that is bothering many women. struggling to keep both the brows equal is something that so far was done with waxing and makeup pencils. However, today, the cosmetic and beauty industry is introducing something new - a semi-permanent technique that saves time and provides a natural look of your brows. And why is this so trending? Well, the brows are known to be the frame of the face. They make the eyes pop and define the entire face. That is why celebrities are also loving it, which leads to the enormous popularity of this treatment.


Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure and it is consisted of manually drawing and shaping the eyebrows. This is done by micro incisions on the surface on the skin, just where the eyebrows are. These incisions that mimic the look of the hair on the brows are what defines and gives a look on the brows. The shapes can be different, but it is always suggested to go for the one that fits best the face symmetry. When the incisions are done, and the shape is defined, it is time for the application of color. the pigment is supposed to match the natural color of the hair and it is inserted in the incisions which makes the brows look thicker, more voluminous and fuller.

The issue of uneven brows is something that concerns the celebrities too. Not being immune to this popular trend, many celebrities have undergone this non-evasive procedure which saves them a lot of time in front of the mirror and displays perfectly cared brows.

Who are the celebrities that have done the microblading?

Jennifer Lopez

Jlo is considered as the most natural celebrity in the show industry. Although she is 50 years old, she looks as she is 25. And that has nothing to do with cosmetic surgeries. However, she has tried out the microblading treatment which makes her face even more beautiful. When you see pictures of her at her young age, you will see that her brows are thin. Today, with the microblading she has fuller and better-defined brows. The color of her brows is a bit lighter on the tip of the brow which perfectly adds to the beauty and the sexy look of her chestnut eyes.


Gwen Stefani

There was a certain trend back in the 90s that suggested wearing thin eyebrows. Like many celebrities, Gwen Stefani did just that – she tweezed her eyebrows to the point that they looked a bit scary. That trend faded out quickly, and today Gwen has beautiful symmetric brows that are nothing like what she had before.

Jennifer Aniston

Another Jennifer on the list that has kept her natural looks without doing major cosmetic treatments is Jennifer Aniston. Like the many stars back in the 90s, Aniston also had thin brows. Today, as she has aged in a beautiful woman, her brows are following the line of her face. They are longer, more voluminous and a bit lighter than her hair color.


Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis is one of the rare people in the world who have heterochromia – a different color of her eyes. This might be discouraging for many women not to put an accent on their eyes and their brows, but not for Mila too. With the microblading treatment, her brows are identical and symmetrical, following the line of the lids and about two shades lighter than her natural hair color.

Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham has partnered with Vogue to allow them to follow her on the microblading journey. Her entire experience was later described in an interview with them, alongside some short videos on Instagram. Being open and sincere as she is, she tells everything about the process and the pain level, as well as her satisfaction from the outcome. The brows she has today are full and dense, something that she had been struggling to achieve from her teenage days.


The list of celebrities undergoing this treatment is very long and it becomes longer every day. This is a treatment that does save a lot of time and energy and brings satisfaction when you look at yourself in the mirror. Until recently, women and girls did not pay much attention to their brows. Now, the care and the look for the brows are a big part of everyday beauty routine. Thanks to the microblading treatment and procedure, the care for the brows is extended to this semi-permanent procedure that can last for at least a year. The beautiful shape and the thicker volume you will get with the microblading will open entirely new horizons towards the beauty and the image when you see yourself in the mirror.