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Does microblading fade completely?


Does microblading fade completely? 

It does, but the question is, how long it will take to fade? Well, it varies from skin type, texture, and of course micoblading artist. It also can depend on the microblading blades and pigments used for the procedure.

Microblading - you are totally safe with a professionally trained professional who is trained to deal with any situation. 

It's semi-permanent, not completely permanent, right? 👍

It means that microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo that's intended to fade over time. Without touch-ups, your microbladed brows should and will fade away within two years after your first visit. And that is why microblading exists. Microblading, as a technique was invented or introduced as a safer and more controlled approach to eyebrow tattoos. As most of the things in life, eyebrow trends come and go, microblading always allows you to maintain trendy eyebrows with added convenience and ease.



The reason so many people are choosing microblading is because the techniques itself is to draw the lines like your natural hair and match your natural eyebrow.

They are meant to lose the sharpness of the stroke with time and if you'd prefer to maintain up with the style and look, touch-ups are essential. There are certain cases where the tattooed brows become permanent, but microblading is not a case. A permanent tattoo is just an eyebrow tattoo. Just like one in this photo👇

For the permanent make up, the ink is chosen with different qualities and usually with harsher ingredients including more heavy metals to sustain that permanent colour.

Permanently tattooed brows remain permanent because your body is not able to break down harsh tattooing ink and process them out.

Microblading is again one of the top choices for clients as we have inks that are naturally vegan with high-quality natural pigments that are dissolved by your own body breaking down the ingredients and flushing it out of your system.

Here, at Crystalum, we are working on the development of our own line of pigments but for now, we are selling trusted quality BioMaser pigments.


Microblading pigments are the safest and alleviate any risk of adverse reactions. (Always test prior treatment)


With microblading, for some client’s eyebrows last longer, and for others dissolve faster. And all of this, because of skin type and routine. Oily skin and bigger pores dissolve the pigments faster as the pigment doesn’t have much time to totally take into the deep-seated layers of the skin before having contact with oil and begin breaker down by natural processes of your body. Small pored, normal or dry skin tend to take and hold the pigment better, with this type of skin you can expect eyebrows to easily last one year and over.



Also skincare routine plays a significant role. Chemicals you use, products you use, services you use, anything that comes into contact with the pigment usually plays the role in a breakdown of the pigment, thereby increasing the speed at which microbladed eyebrows will dissolve.


The selection of microblading blades used is vital to the look of eyebrows but may also play a big role in how deep microblading pigment is placed.

Microblading artist should walk you through these factors and provide you with a rough idea of how they think your eyebrows will hold up with microblading. Your microblading artist is equipped with the best tools from Crystalum, fabulous training and experience to give you effortless, symmetric and perfect lasting eyebrows!

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