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7 Secrets of a Successful Beauty Business Owner

7 Secrets of a Successful Beauty Business Owner


Running a successful beauty business is so rewarding and enjoyable but also really hard work! Yep, we said it and will say it again - running a beauty business is HARD WORK! But how do some people make it look so easy and seem to be nailing it whilst you are left feeling drained and overworked? We have many years of experience in the industry and can reveal the 7 secrets we have seen successful beauty business owners have that allow them to build successful businesses but remain cool, calm & collected…


  1. Outsourcing

When you run your own salon/beauty business, you wear many hats. Not only are you likely to be carrying out treatment’s day in day out, but you also act as manager of marketing, admin, HR, accounting, IT and more. Successful salon owners recognise the advantages of outsourcing tasks such as bookkeeping & social media to someone else. Not only does it free up valuable time but also passes these jobs to someone with more expertise in that area. Win-win!

Never stop learning

The beauty business is fast-paced with a constant stream of new trends, treatments, products and equipment. Successful salon owners recognise that while it can be hard to stay on top of the ever-changing market, being an expert in their field and always learning will help them not only stay on top of what’s happening in the market but also stay ahead of competitors and impress their customers.


Plan for the future

If Covid has taught us anything, it is to plan for the unexpected. Whilst it is difficult to predict what the future holds, it is best to have a plan and finances in place in the event something unforeseen happens. This can be something as big as a global pandemic or as small as a repair in the salon.


  1. Invest

Investing in your beauty business is an essential part of growing your brand and staying ahead of competitors. Whether it's investing in a new booking system, furthering your training or buying new state-of-the art equipment, investing in your business is the best way to increase your chances of success.  


  1. Automate & systemise

We are all online more than ever and most people nowadays want to be able to do everything from their phones, tablets or laptops. Whether it’s shopping for groceries, browsing for holidays or booking their next nail appointments, most want to be able to do it all from a tap of their finger. Successful beauty business owners use this to their advantage by utilising the internet and cloud-based software to make their work easier & saving time and money by automating many of the things that take up valuable time.


  1. Know your market inside out

Being clear about who your market is helps you to build your business around their wants & needs. Identifying the target market for your salon can help you put together a business, plan marketing campaigns, decide what new treatments to offer, or get ideas to increase sales. To refine your business’s target market, it is beneficial to carry out market research and break down your target customers’ needs & characteristic e.g., who they are, what they do, hobbies & interests and region. 

Put yourself first

Lastly, but arguably most importantly, successful beauty business owners understand the importance of putting themselves first. There is only one of you and to be in control of running and growing a successful salon, you must ensure you are up to the job. This means taking time out, avoiding overworking and looking after your health and mind. When you put self-care first, your business will reap the benefits!