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7 Essential Skills You Need To Be a Great Nail Technician

Ever wondered if you have what it takes to be a successful nail technician? Maybe you think it’s just a case of taking a course and getting some work experience in a salon, but don’t be fooled – not everyone is suited to this job!
Read on to find out our list of the top 7 essential skills you need to be a great nail technician.
Nail technician skills
1. People Skills

It may seem obvious, but people are your business. As a nail technician, you’re providing a highly personal service and you’ll spend the majority of your working time dealing with people and ensuring that they’re happy with the service you’re providing.
You’ll need to have the ability to put your clients at ease, actively listen so that you understand what they want and ensure that, when complaints do happen, they’re dealt with in an empathetic and sensitive manner.
So people skills are key here. If you love chatting with people and find interpersonal interactions come naturally to you, you’re off to a good start!
creative nail design

2. Creativity

No surprises here either. Nail techs are essentially artists – on the most petite scale! Often, clients don’t have an exact example to show you, but instead describe the look or feel they’re going for, and it’s then up to your creative talents to deliver an interpretation of that brief. Successful nail technicians have an eye for colour and texture and are skilled at bringing designs together.

3. Patience

If you’re a fan of instant gratification, or you are inclined to lose interest quickly in what you’re doing, you’re simply not cut out for this job.
Nail technicians need considerable patience to focus for extended periods of time on painstakingly delicate and detailed work. For example, you might spend up to two hours crafting the perfect set of acrylics complete with elaborate nail art.
Not only that, but patience is also a virtue when dealing with clients. Try doing someone’s nails whilst they constantly fidget, or keep taking their hand out from under the LED lamp to answer their phone, and you’ll see what we mean!
detailed nail art

4. Attention to Detail

As a nail tech, your work is being worn 24/7 by that client – potentially for the next several weeks. Not only is your work going to be seen by people your client interacts with in that time, but the client themselves are going to constantly scrutinise their own nails. If that work isn’t up to scratch, it WILL be noticed.
That’s why attention to detail is so important for nail technicians – never make the mistake of thinking a small error won’t be obvious or that it’s ‘good enough’.

5. Professionalism

With so many DIY options available these days, your clients are making a conscious choice when they go to a salon for professional nail services, so it’s important that you as the nail technician deliver on their expectations.

You’ll always work to a high standard and strive to ensure that you’re providing a high level of customer service and satisfaction. That’s what gets you recommendations from your current clients and grows your client base.

6. Desire to Learn

We’re not just talking willingness to undertake the initial training required when you’re starting out as a nail tech (this goes without saying!); we’re talking an ongoing desire to learn, grow and improve your knowledge and skills as a nail tech. A persistent craving to keep on top of industry best practice, the latest tools and techniques, and an interest in trends.
It’s all about never letting yourself become stagnant – no matter how long you’ve been doing the job.

7. Determination

Nobody ever said being a nail technician was easy! It can be challenging - both mentally and physically - and there’s always competition with other providers to keep you on your toes.
Sometimes you’ll work long and/or unsociable hours. Some people will take for granted what you do. That’s why it takes determination to succeed in this industry; someone who is focused and driven to provide a high level of service, maintain happy clients and grow their business.

So there you have it: 7 essential skills you need to be a great nail technician. We hope you’ve recognised yourself as you read through them – if so, congratulations! You’re a fantastic candidate for this dynamic and rewarding career.