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6 Reasons why a strong brand identity is essential for your beauty business

6 Reasons why a strong brand identity is essential for your beauty business

When it comes to marketing your beauty business, having a strong brand identity is key to standing out from the crowd and positioning yourself as the go-to beauty business in your niche. A logo and some pretty colours just aren’t going to cut it in the beauty industry these days with more thought and research required to ensure you are unique and consistent. We have outlined six reasons why having a strong brand identity is a must for beauty business owners.

  1. Your brand is a reflection of you & your business

Think of your branding as an extension of yourself, your values and your offering. It should reflect not only your business but also you as well! Good branding should communicate to customers what they should expect when they step into your beauty salon.

  1. Your brand makes you recognisable

Think about some of the big brand names out there, it’s their logos, brand colours and fonts that make them instantly recognisable to us all and this is what you want to achieve with your beauty business’s branding. You want people to be able to see you online or in print and know instantly that it is you!

  1. Good branding speaks to your ideal client

When choosing your brand image, it is important to be aligned with your ideal client so keeping them in mind when designing your brand colours and fonts is a must! The preferences, likes & dislikes of your target market should all be researched and help you determine your branding. Certain colours also spark different emotions in people and are therefore commonly used in the beauty industry such as pink (girly), white (clean) & light green (soothing).

  1. A brand image maintains consistency

Being consistent is key to creating a strong brand theme. Ensure your colours, fonts, images and tone of voice are the same over all your marketing including your website, social media platforms, marketing materials and even the interior of your business and packaging.

  1. Strong branding makes you unique

There is a lot of competition in the beauty industry and one way of staying ahead of your competitors is having a strong  brand and messaging which makes you pop and stand out from the crowd. Unique branding will be remembered by potential clients and help nudge them in your direction when booking their next appointment.

  1. Strong branding builds a sense of community

If your branding and messaging speak directly to your clients, you will create a sense of community particularly on social media whereby people see themselves in your brand and want to be part of it. Community building plays an important role in building a strong customer base and following for your beauty business and making you the go-to salon in your area.


In short, branding plays such an important part of how you communicate with your customers and should be a priority for your business. If you’re just starting out, we definitely recommend carrying out some market research for your target market and searching for inspiration, colour pallets and fonts on Pinterest. If you are on a budget, Canva is a great tool to create on-brand marketing materials and social media posts and if you have money to invest, there are many graphic designers out there who can help you create a strong image, logo, marketing materials and more.