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5 reasons you’re not levelling up your beauty business

You there! Yes you, with the great beauty business that’s just bursting with potential! Why aren’t you levelling up that biz to be the best it can be? If you’re ready for some home truths (we’ll be honest, but nice – promise), read on for our top five reasons why you’re not doing just that.

Poor time management

Time management is a fine art, and one which takes practise to master. It’s easy when you’re pulled in a thousand different directions to spend too much time on a few specific areas of your business, and not prioritise what is most time-sensitive or important.

Planning how you use your time is a great way to start managing it more effectively.

Working reactively (e.g. responding to every email as soon as it comes into your inbox) isn’t the most efficient practice. Instead, try time blocking so that you can group similar activities together and accomplish specific tasks at specific times of the day/week/month - and when it makes sense for you.

Not investing in your business

We get it. We’re all loathed to spend our hard-earned cash, especially if everything seems to be ticking along fine. However, in order to level up and drive your business forward to be better than ‘fine’, you often need to invest (some of) your profits back into the business.
It might be upgrading equipment, taking a certification to enable you to offer additional services, or investing in administrative or operational support; all of these examples may cost in the short term, but will pay off in the long term as they help to diversify and/or scale your business.

You haven’t switched to a business mindset

Maybe you started your business as a way to make income around your children’s schedules. Or perhaps, when you first started out, you were side-hustling evenings and weekends around a full- time job (maybe you still are!). In these scenarios, it’s easier to underplay and undervalue your beauty business as something you ‘fit in’ around other priorities.

And that’s great – it’s one of benefits of being a business owner: being able to set your own hours and work around what is important to you.

BUT, if you want to level up your enterprise, you need to switch from thinking of it as something you do ‘on the side’ to thinking of it as exactly what it is - a business. You deserve to give your business (and yourself) full credit for being viable and serious.

Lack of systems

Systems and automations will revolutionise your business. This may sound like an exaggeration, but trust us – it’s not!

For instance, having a good client management software - which allows clients to book appointments online within the availability you’ve set, and automatically sends out appointment reminders and a post-appointment survey – is total a game-changer. The time saved by this software is considerable, if you consider the number of steps (multiplied by the number of clients) it cuts out
compared to doing all of these things manually.

Similarly, having set processes in place, to ensure service is consistent, goes a long way in terms of maintaining standards and building your brand.

The ad hoc approach is fine when you’re starting out and learning what works for you and your business but, as you scale, systems and processes are essential for success.

Not delegating

As AMAZING as you are, you can only physically do so much. There is a threshold to the growth of your business if you are determined to do it all alone. If you want to scale, you will need to delegate some tasks.

This could mean giving more responsibility to existing staff, hiring additional staff, or outsourcing some of your tasks on a contract basis. It’s difficult at first, but start small and with the aspects of your business that you either don’t enjoy, or don’t come to you as naturally – maybe it’s outsourcing your accounts to a freelance bookkeeper.
With time, you’ll find it easier to delegate some of the work so that you can use that time to develop other areas of the business.

Sound familiar? If so, you know what to do: get out there and fix these problems! You shouldn’t let anything stop you from levelling up your beauty business NOW.